Android 4.5 - Part 2

That’s right, Part 2 is finally here!

To all my followers, sorry this has taken so long. Some crazy things happened over the past month. However, Pixel Shift should be returning to it’s regular schedule going forward. Quite a few apps have been added to my list recently, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys.

In any case, here’s what you guys have been waiting for!

So, what is the focus of Part 2 in the Android 4.5 series? I got to thinking about what really felt off to me still in Android, and I kept coming back to the first-boot experience. Initial impressions are everything, from opening the box, to turning on your shiny new device, to getting to the homescreen, your first impressions establish your overall feeling towards your new purchase. Frankly, I don’t think Android makes a very good first impression. The setup experience has remained largely the same, going all the way back to when I first turned on my G1 back in 2008. It’s time to change.


A log in screen. We see these all the time, and usually they’re not very exciting. I wanted this screen to feel inviting, while also highlighting some of the great services that come with having a Google account.


The experience should feel personal, not robotic. Greeting me with my name and showing my picture is a good way to do that. Then, since this is a new device, I will want to get everything back. However, like most geeks, I usually have multiple devices all at once. But I like certain things on certain devices. So I want the choice of where to restore from.


Ah, the holy grail of requested features in Android. Full device backup to Google Drive. It only makes sense. Please give us this option, Google.


Everyone is different. Everyone has different tastes. Android has always been great for customization. How about we expand it to more than just rearranging icons on the homescreen and swapping keyboards? Let me chose the system theme. Maybe I like it bright. Maybe dark. Or maybe I want the system to intelligently change it for me depending on the time of day.

Below are some examples of what a couple of the system apps (from Part 1) could look like with light and dark themes.imageimage

A setup process like this sure would get me excited for what was in-store next. It’s clean, inviting, and personal.

So, that’s the long awaiting Part 2. Thoughts? Suggestions? Love it, hate it, I welcome it all.

I’ll now be moving on to some other apps that need their pixels shifted. If you have any suggestions for my list let me know!